Freight Forwarding

freight forwarding

Al Barrak Group is a global freight forwarder and a professional within the shipping, logistics & freight forwarding industry. Our services allow our clients to trade internationally, without having their staff do any of the legwork. That means we take care of all the documentation and correspondence with transportation services, customs officials, and other handlers.

Import/export mechanisms are murky and often leave business owners mystified. However, the opportunity to trade overseas is too lucrative to pass over. Al Barrak Group helps bridge the gap between your business and your potential clients abroad by taking complete ownership of the shipping, logistics & freight forwarding processes.

Al Barrak Group offers clients highly customized solutions, that take into account the nature of the shipments and their intended destination. We match a business’s specific requirements in terms of speed, affordability, and reliability with an ideal trade route for its shipments, and ensure that its goods will safely reach its international clients on schedule.

Whatever we do, this basic facet of our business remains true – we strive to get the best deal for our customers coupled with the best service possible assisted through our industry-specific teams and state-of-the-art logistics software.

Al Barrak Group takes pride in having the right people whose commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner. We go the extra mile to find the best and most efficient solutions for our clients.

Choose the most suitable means of freight transport according to your requirements. Each shipment depends on various factors such as - distance, type of product, quantity, volume, urgency, budget, etc. The various freight options available are –

  • Land Freight: Allows you to send any type of goods, including perishable products. It is ideal for short-distance.
  • Ocean Freight: This is the most affordable way for international transport of large volumes of goods. It is the ideal method for bulk cargoes such as cereals, coal, metals, oil, etc.
  • Air Freight: This is slightly expensive but also the fastest and safest option. It is ideal for express courier services, luxury goods, or health and pharmaceutical products.

There are several ways to get goods delivered around the world. However, one kind of freight may be more practical than others, depending on your requirements.There are several ways to get goods delivered around the world. However, one kind of freight may be more practical than others, depending on your requirements.

Reach out to us, talk to our freight professionals and then choose what works best for you! Al Barrak Group can assist you in shipping your goods around the world. Fill out the contact form on our website for further help.