When it comes to time-to-market and cost-effective supply chain systems, optimized logistics platforms are key-performance drivers. As a recognized 3PL logistics expert Al Barrak Group offers and manages end-to-end logistics solutions.

Today logistics plays a very vital role in new product development with logistics professionals playing a crucial role in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure products are designed with efficient supply-chain management in mind.

At Al Barrak Group, we have highly experienced in-house engineers, project managers, warehouse managers, ground crew, and stevedores, as well as a wide range of trusted and long-term partners and vendors. We manage, coordinate, and continuously improve the total supply-chain demands and have developed high-level managerial skills to play a key part in meeting a company's long-term strategic objectives.

Our dedicated Logistics team all across the globe uses technology and innovation to deliver optimized and reliable solutions. Whatever the complexity and the geographical scope, we will design, execute and monitor your supply chain strategy to help you keep your promises to your customers.

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  • Cargo Consolidation
  • Cruise Vessel Agency
  • Customs brokerage and logistics
  • International Cargo Transport
  • Shipping Agency
  • Stevedoring
  • Tracking
  • Trucking Services
  • Warehousing